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Rules of the Forum

The forum is designed to allow members to share their experience and discuss and resolve all kinds of questions related to trading and investing on the Forex market. The Rules are principally designed to build and maintain a respectful, supportive environment for solving problems and enabling communication between the members. All the Rules are directed towards this purpose.

In connection with this, the following rules are more than just a collection of regulations, but describe the principles to which all members are expected to adhere.

Not Allowed:

1. Insulting other forum members or groups of users in the forum, and also provoking them into conflicts or into violating the forum Rules;

2. Posting direct or indirect (via links) threats to the wellbeing or the life of other forum members.

3. Using obscenities, either spelled out or implied;

4. Advertising pirated software, which poses a potential threat to computers or contains content of a pornographic nature;

5. Posting calls for inciting ethnic hatred or links to sites containing such statements. It is prohibited to post any information describing methods of circumventing restrictions on the Internet;

6. Distributing information which is untrue or unsupported by facts;

7. Publishing the personal information of other members of the forum without their permission, or making public the personal messages exchanged between members (on this forum or elsewhere) without mutual consent;

8. Placing a direct or indirect advertisement for one of Alpari's competitors, including within a nickname or avatar or in any image containing a site name, or any advertising, including referral links in the signature and in messages, without the permission of the Alpari Administrators;

9. Discussing or linking to competitors of Alpari, or making mention of their name in full, including linking to sites or other forms of media which mention competitors;

NOTE: The aforementioned rules pertain not only to the forum but also to personal messages exchanged between members, conditional upon being reported by the user and forwarded to a Moderator using the "Report" feature, as well as messages left on the member's profile feed or blog;

10. Having multiple nicknames or using someone else's nickname. The registration and use of a nickname which is similar enough to another's nickname to cause confusion to other members of the forum. The registration and use of a nickname which parodies existing forum members or is insulting to other members of the forum;

11. Posting emotional, unsupported allegations against other members of the forum;

12. Reposting of topics or messages;

13. Discussing the action (or inaction) or the personal details of Moderators or Administrators in a public topic, provided that Moderators or Administrators themselves have not sanctioned the discussion. To clear up any questions connected with moderation, use the personal messaging system, or contact the Administrator through the "Contact Us" form or by mail at forum@alpari.com;

14. Posting off-topic messages unconnected to the subject of the topic, thereby diverting the discussion from the intended theme;

15. Being rude, discussing the personal characteristics of the person you are conversing with;

16. Flooding the forum, via multiple short messages, very long messages which impair the readability of the thread, posting messages which are not contextual, posting several messages in a row without a break. A flood is also defined as the excessive quoting of previous comments or attaching bulk messages with no editing;

User’s signature must meet the following requirements:

a) Font size should not be higher than the standard value (14).

b ) It is prohibited to change font type, style or color

c) The maximum number of lines in signature is 4. Empty lines are prohibited.

d) The maximum number of links (URLs) in signature is 3.

e) It is prohibited to put referral links into one’s signature;

17. It is forbidden to post information:

a) encouraging children to commit acts which threaten their lives and/or health, including self-harm and suicide; which can result in a child's desire to use narcotics, psychotropic and/or intoxicating substances such as tobacco, any alcohol or alcohol-containing products, participation in gambling, prostitution, vagrancy or begging;

b ) validating or justifying the permissibility of violence and/or cruelty against people or animals, except in cases prescribed by the law;

c) denying family values, promoting non-traditional sexual relationships and encouraging the development of disrespect to parents and/or other family members;

d) justifying illegal behavior;

e) containing information of a pornographic nature;

f) of minors who have suffered as a result of unlawful actions (or negligence), including the full names, middle name, photo and video of the minor, their parents or other legal representatives, the date of birth of the minor, the audio recording of their voice, place of residence or temporary residence, place of work or study, and other information to allow either directly or indirectly to establish the identity of the juvenile;

g) in the form of pictures or descriptions of cruelty, physical and/or mental violence, crime or other anti-social behavior;

h) frightening children, causing terror or panic, including through images or descriptions of a dehumanizing form of non-violent death, disease, suicide, accidents, disasters or catastrophes and/or their consequences;

i) in the form of pictures or descriptions of sexual relations between a man and a woman;

j) containing obscene words or expressions with non-offensive language;

18. Discussing any religious and political themes without context to the financial markets;

19. The Administrators can ban any forum member at their own discretion if they consider it necessary, stating the reason for the ban. The Administrators and forum Moderators have the right to edit, delete, move or close any topic or message at their own discretion. Continuing to discuss a topic, closed by the Moderators is not allowed;

20. Answers by Alpari employees in the forum are only advisory in nature. To address issues that require an official Company response, you should send an email to info@alpari-forex.com or use the File a Claim form in myAlpari.


Reprimand Policy

  1. In the case when a member violates the forum Rules, a system of penalties is used which can block the member for a week, a month or for an indefinite period of time. For the first violation a warning is provided, after which the severity of the punishment may be increased in the manner prescribed above. In the "Investments" section, pre-moderation may be applied to the forum member's messages for a period of a week, month, or indefinitely;
  2. If we detect that spam messages are being sent from an account we will permanently ban the account;
  3. In the case when a user is blocked from the forum but has an active PAMM Account with the Company "Alpari", the block does not apply to the "Investments" section of the forum.