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Trust management of funds


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Trust management of funds: Placement of funds in the interbank market Forex. The average yield is 2-4% per month. The transaction is concluded by signing an agreement between two individuals. The manager has the appropriate qualifications (University, degree specialist) and work experience. You can see the charts below. Terms of a transaction:

1. capital from $ 50-499 - remuneration to the manager 40% of the profit.

2. Capital from $ 500-999 - remuneration to the manager 33% of the profit.

3. The capital from $ 1000-2999 - remuneration to the manager 28% of the profit.

4. Capital from $ 3000-4999 - remuneration to the manager 24% of the profit.

5. Capital from $ 5000-9999 - remuneration to the manager 22% of the profit.

6. Capital from $ 10,000 - special conditions.


A) requests for withdrawal are submitted two weeks before the withdrawal of funds

( B) Deposits are made weekly no later than Thursday

You should understand that the costs of converting and transferring funds from the account and to the account will be deducted from your ready deposit. This is approximately 5% at a time (I / O). You also need to remember that managing high-risk assets is always profitable as it is dangerous for losing the deposit completely. In the event of a deteriorating settlement situation in the market, the manager (trust manager) is not liable for the loss of the deposit. In turn, the trust manager undertakes to do everything possible to minimize risks and loss of the deposit up to the closure of transactions forcibly and return the remaining deposit to customers. In the event of a total loss of the deposit, the complaints towards the competence of the Trustee are not accepted, a separate agreement will be concluded about this.

We will be glad to see you as our customers. You will receive all necessary information about transactions (daily reports, weekly reports, monthly reports, quarterly reports). The probability of force majeure and unforeseen situations is small, that is why this product is brought to the market. Remember that basically manage your finances will be algorithms (robots), which do not sleep, do not eat, do not get sick and do not have emotions. This helps to make correct and timely decisions! Thank you for choosing to stay with us! Good luck and good luck in a new beginning.

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