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QuantX Robots

Написано Rego , 09 Август 2017 · 159 Просмотров

quantitative automated robot
Today we will talk briefly about the robots that will be used in our fund.

QuantX is designed to be a very low to low risk fund, so we will use low risk robots and capital protection strategies to manage their utilization. As we talk, new families of EAs are under development or under market validation process by our QuantInGo developers. Initially the fund will use a robots portfolio called MarkIV, which is a composition of 4 validated families of EAs. As other families have the validation process finished, they will be gradually introduced in the fund.

MarkIV is composed by the following robots families:
  • EA Universal Saturator Average Range : the main strategy is to identify a price saturation from the average, when the price tends to return to it. There are 19 robots on this family.
  • EA Log-Returns Saturator : trend reversals and strong pullbacks are identified by a breach in standard deviation in the log-returns of the price. There are 18 robots on this family.
  • EA CMO Unique : uses a Tushar Chande CMO strategy. 26 robots at total.
  • EA CMO Cross : uses a Tushar Chande CMO strategy with crossed scenarios. 31 robots at total.
Not all of them have links to the development site, but soon there will have.

As you see, MarkIV is composed by 94 robots at total, in 24x7 utilization and validation. Soon we will enter in more detail in each robot family.


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