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Don’t Publicize Your Market Calls

Написано EneaDoku , 24 Февраль 2017 · 273 Просмотров

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This point has never been made but, you should be very wary of trumpeting your predictions about what a market will do. Why? Because if you announce what you believe a market will do, presumably to impress others with your market acumen, you will tend to become invested in that prediction. If the evolving price action and market facts seem to contradict your forecast, you will be more reluctant to change your view than you might otherwise have been. You will find all sorts of reasons why your original forecast might still be right.

Paul Tudor Jones from Market Wizards is very wary of the danger of letting prior market pronouncements affect trading, an issue he specifically addressed. “I avoid letting my trading opinions be influenced by comments I may have made on the record about a market.”

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