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QuantX Infinity

Написано Rego , 06 Сентябрь 2017 · 550 Просмотров

Dear investors and partners,

We are proud to announce that we just have started our operations on QuantX Infinity PAMM account. While QuantX will be focused in low risk strategies, mostly with hedged and risk-constrained positioning, QuantX Infinity will gather for high profitability, but at cost of much more market exposition to risk. Both of them are fully managed by automated systems.

In this first management phase, we will handle the fund using a special class of strategies derived from Turtles. Since the original strategy aimed stocks and commodities, we had to make several improvements to make it run in forex market. Still the risk is always at consideration and the distribution of assets, timeframes and models are made in order to minimize these risks. At this point most of the strategies will look for strong trends, thus they will accept a lower hit rate but they have achieved very good results with burst profits. So yes, we expect some drawdown periods, but they will be minimized by the orthogonality of the systems; and yes, we also expect big profits which no doubt will compensate for these not so good periods.

Today in QuantX Infinity we have 3 classes of operations which will aim different trends, in different periodicity.
  • D1 : 5 robots looking for strong trends with a slower dynamics and higher positioning load
  • H4 : 3 robots looking for medium trends with mid dynamics and average positioning load
  • M5 : 2 robots looking for fast trends with faster dynamics and lower positioning load
Some new strategies are under evaluation and may join the robots team soon.

If you have questions or would like to know more, please make contact.

Best regards.

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